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Team A Velocity is Different from Team B Velocity?

Often times you hear this in organizations.. Since each team estimates their own way, they have their own way of estimating. Team A with 10 people may estimate 80 points, Team B with 6 people may estimate 120 points. Now many organizations live with this, however the real risk here is slack in the system will go totally unnoticed and performance management gets skewed. While the individual teams themselves are not impacted, for sr. mgmt a critical measurement goes missing.

How to solve and get team tracker right?

    Agile3 Mission is
  • To help developers, project managers and senior management to understand agile process better,
  • To help users understand its actual goals and benefits beyond process jargons,
  • To help achieve successful implementation of agile process for startups
  • help achieve successful implementation of agile process for traditional organizations where it is more of a challenge usually,
  • To help tackle issues such as employee Happiness Motivation quotient which usually comparatively suffers in an agile setup.
  • To help organizations succeed with successful planning, execution and monitoring of the projects