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What constitutes a Release?

Todays agile process execution is best described by some of he feedback - do any of these sound familiar? "Needless anxiety every 2 weeks to complete sprint", "Too much business driven", "Daily Labor/Day to Day work. Creativity is Killed!", "Confusing roles such as Scrum Master", "Product Manager v/s Product Owner v/s Architect Confusions", "Where is my career going with all this agile?", "We are building quick but we are also building crap quality", "Young developer with less compentency and old with more are given same kind of stories WTH!", "We always slip releases"

Release Quality Assurance

    Agile3 Mission is
  • To help developers, project managers and senior management to understand agile process better,
  • To help users understand its actual goals and benefits beyond process jargons,
  • To help achieve successful implementation of agile process for startups
  • help achieve successful implementation of agile process for traditional organizations where it is more of a challenge usually,
  • To help tackle issues such as employee Happiness Motivation quotient which usually comparatively suffers in an agile setup.
  • To help organizations succeed with successful planning, execution and monitoring of the projects

Release Checklist

Agile3 is not inventing new. It s simply trying to .


Developers do not need to know the C language to use Phalcon. Its interface is exposed as PHP classes under the Phalcon namespace, ready to be used.

Phalcon is loosely coupled, allowing developers to use only the objects that they need as glue components based in the needs of their applications.