Backlog Health Report

Product Backlog Health Report is a custom report that can be generated for your product backlog to measure "health" of your backlog. 

The health of backlog can be measured in following:

  • How many issues are in "well defined" stage. It is not enough to have a backlog 1 liner entry, it is very important to define these features time to time, according to your organizational guidelines. Without which when the item is ready to picked up and worked on, it leads to idle time for team/developer with nothing to work on effectively.
  • Entire set of these well defined items can be further estimated in backlog itself. Refer to <a href="/plan/estimate">Estimate</a> section for guidelines on estimating. Estimating helps measure backlog quantity interms of person days
  • Backlog in Person Days Calculation - This is an approximate calculation that can help measure how healthy is your backlog
  • Backlog Health Score - based on person days, a short health icon such as red, yellow, green can be shown for executive reports. (for eg: 0-3 sprints backlog -- RED, 3-6 sprints backlog YELLOW; >6 sprints backlog -- GREEN -- Each project can have its own custom formula. )

You can exclude the items in Active Release for this report.

Sample Backlog Health Report

No of Issues Defined Issues Estimaion Points In Months (EP/Velocity)

Health Score

12 10 178 8 sprints GREEN

Senior Management/Executives can use this report to get an high level view of all projects health.

Sample Backlog Details Report - Well Defined

Epic ID Status Source Bucket Description Estimate
100 DEFINED Customer Feedback aak adkasdada 34
101 DEFINED New Feature add adasasdds 55
102 DEFINED Innovation asdda asdasdsd 89

This report gives further drilldown from high level report to view details of backlog.